Leverage your business in 24 hours with Revenue Cloud

The winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017 Hackathon "Quick Insurance" demonstrated how you can innovate a whole industry with Revenue Cloud. Hundreds of engineers and designers gathered to compete... read more →

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Oct 18

Introducing SAP Upscale Commerce

It’s not every day that new commerce platforms get announced – these are rare events, primarily because the build costs are beyond the reach of many start-ups, and big companies often struggle with innovation. But last week at CX Live, SAP did exactly that by announcing SAP Upscale Commerce to... read more →
Oct 09
Feb 15

Innovate to enhance your customer satisfaction

To enhance customer satisfaction was the primary driver for BASF to embark on the innovation journey together with SAP Hybris Labs to build a digital wine shelf. BASF, the 7th biggest wine reseller in Germany created in collaboration with SAP Hybris Labs the interactive wine shelf, which blends digital and... read more →
Feb 14

The Q6 / Q7 Implementation

As the official technology partner of Mannheim’s most exclusive shopping mall Q 6 Q 7, SAP works with the facility’s management team of Q 6 Q 7 on innovative ways to provide visitors with unique shopping experiences based on the latest technology.