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Lou McMenamy

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Availability Now

First Mover Advantage for Customers in North America in 2018

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Future Locations

Expansion to international markets planned in 2019

SAP Upscale Commerce

Mobile first commerce – Go live in days

Upscale is the next generation of commerce designed for mid-market retail, CPG and direct to consumer industries.

Build beautiful mobile native and progressive web apps and deploy instantly.

Upscale Commerce is a new SaaS-based unified commerce platform from SAP that brings AI-powered retail merchandising science to mid-market Retail, CPG and direct to consumer companies. Upscale can be deployed in as little as a few days, delivers rich mobile-first shopping and blends online and in-store shopping into seamless experiences.

Leveraging advanced digital category management techniques, AI and machine learning, Upscale automatically learns what works and continuously optimizes for profit across channels while delivering unique and engaging experiences for each individual customer. These built-in advanced techniques, together with easy shopping experiences for shoppers drive higher sales and more profits for retailers and brands.

What differentiates Upscale in today’s marketplace?

  • Ability to launch eCommerce stores and new brands or experiences quickly – in days to weeks
  • First native mobile platform built on Artificial Intelligence
  • True omnichannel – no matter the device the experience continues – no need for customers to re-shop if they’ve switched channels
  • Distributed Order Management transcends on-line and off-line in the store
  • Built-in merchandising tools to help create a personalized unique shopping experiences for each customer based on AI
  • Uses machine learning to capitalize on the right products to merchandize and those that maximize profit for the retailer
  • Multi-tenant SaaS platform with continuous upgrades – also available headless using our microservices
  • GDPR compliant from the start

Successfully leveraging merchandising expertise is seen by many leading retailers as a key weapon in today’s retail battles. Upscale has blended powerful and proven retail techniques such as category management, planogramming, seasonal merchandising and personalization to exploit the unique needs and opportunities of digital channels. Unlike most mid-market eCommerce platforms today that focus on transaction processing, Upscale optimizes the customer conversion and the mix of transactions to drive the right customer behavior and profit. Upscale distinctively blurs the lines between merchandising, personalization and distributed order management, three traditionally separate disciplines, to deliver a profit-optimized experience to each individual customer. This capability delivers significant gains in profit, merchandising agility, and the ability to leverage decades of merchandising DNA in retailer organizations.

Key Use Cases for Upscale

  • Convert more customers on mobile – Transform mobile shopping with rich AI powered personal experiences, and one-touch buy for all users, whether registered or not.

  • Pop-up commerce stores – Deliver rich mobile experiences for smaller markets, product launches, promotions, in-store displays or to test out new concepts.

  • Enable seamless cross channel shopping – Connect online and in-store with seamless shopping journeys to transform the buying experience.

  • Personalize in-store service – Leverage your customers online behavior to tailor service in-store and transform in-store shopping with AI powered clienteling apps.

  • Sell products as services – Provide continuity and replenishment services to turn single product sales into recurring and highly profitable subscriptions.

  • Enable commerce for mobile apps – Convert every piece of content in your apps into shoppable cross-channel experiences, while allowing customers to buy, pick-up, and return goods through their device.

  • Endless Aisle 1-Tap Buy – Deliver rich experiences for in-store display, providing 1-tap buy for products regardless of store availability.

  • Distributed order management – Effectively bring together customers and products with options to ship from store, order and pick-up, same day deliveries, and more.

Take advantage of this exclusive chance to co-innovate with SAP Customer Experience – this opportunity is limited to 20 customers in North America until late 2018!

“Lightweight, mobile-first, and super-fast to build. This is exciting. We are incubating Upscale today in North America. We have space for 20 companies to co-innovate and work with us on Upscale. Let’s make it happen. #BeBold.”

– Alex Atzberger, President of SAP Customer Experience


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