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Mobile first commerce – go live in days

SAP® Upscale Commerce is the next generation of commerce designed for retail, CPG and direct to consumer industries. Build beautiful mobile native and progressive web apps and deploy instantly.

The problem

Most of the traffic is on mobile, yet today shopping on mobile still isn’t a great experience. Many online stores are built for desktop and squeezed onto mobile using responsive design. It’s a big compromise which forces customers to ‘re-shop’ using a different device or channel.

A fresh approach

 Traditionally, building a commerce store is a daunting task requiring lots of custom code, taking many months and big financial commitments. SAP Upscale Commerce dramatically simplifies commerce, ushering in a new era based on speed and agility. The economics of commerce just changed.

Mobile fast commerce

SAP Upscale Commerce enables brands and retailers to build rich native experiences which can be deployed ‘code free’ in days.  Designed from the ground up for the mobile consumer, it blurs the lines between channels making shopping easy and fun, online, in-store and across channels.

Commerce Reinvented: Faster. Cheaper. Better.

Mobile first

Tap. Tap. Buy.

SAP Upscale Commerce is built for today’s mobile consumer making it easy to discover and buy on any device with a few swipes of a finger. Rich native interfaces enable customers to pinch, swipe and one tap buy with unprecedented ease. Retailers and brands can quickly build rich, intuitive commerce stores, and deploy them instantly with the click of a button across native mobile apps for for iOS, Android, and progressive web for any device running a browser.

Fast & Flexible

SAP Upscale Commerce can be deployed ‘code-free’ in just a few days, enabling you to test out new concepts quickly and cost effectively. Drag and drop configuration makes it easy to design a beautiful store and connect into your back office. Want to change the store? Simply, click, drag, drop and deploy instantly.

Unlike most legacy commerce platforms, SAP Upscale Commerce has been built using state of the art microservices, where everything is API first, and you can choose to deploy just what you need. Always on, and continually upgraded, the SAP Upscale Commerce next generation configuration SaaS platform delivers dramatically faster deployment and significantly lower total cost of ownership compared with traditional commerce platforms.

The Mobigram

Mobigrams are AI powered 1-to-1 personalized stores. Each individual visitor gets their own unique Mobigram, dynamically assembled for them, taking account of their journey, real-time interactions onsite, what the retailer needs to sell, location, inventory availability and many more variables. This advanced intelligence uses multiple layered AI and deep learning techniques to balance the needs of the retailer (sell what’s in stock, drive profit, velocity, & exposure) with the experience of the customer (speed, convenience, relevance, desire) to drive great customer experiences that maximize profits for the retailer or brand. SAP Upscale Commerce does this continuously in real time, automatically learning from every interaction to maximize profit.

Retail DNA

SAP Upscale Commerce has decades of Retail Science expertise baked-in, proven in the physical retail world, and now evolved for digital channels.

Combining traditional category management and deep learning Artificial Intelligence, we’ve created the next generation of commerce platform — one that continuously tunes for retailer profits and revenues, automatically, with every click and each sale.

SAP Upscale Commerce uniquely blurs the lines between merchandising, personalization, and distributed order management, three traditionally separate disciplines, to deliver a profit-optimized experience for each individual customer.


The promise of omnichannel experience has not yet been fully realized — customers want the ability to shop anywhere, and an authentic, personalized experience that remains seamless across channels. Until now, this has been near impossible.

SAP Upscale Commerce automatically delivers a dynamic set of contextual experiences which maximizes profit for the retailer, and delivers a uniquely relevant experience for each customer. We arm retailers with tools to evolve from traditional category trees, to delivering tailored outfits to each individual customer, clearing away content and products customers don’t like, steering customers into new and more profitable categories, and alter the content and cadence of merchandising.

Continuity Commerce

SAP Upscale Commerce has a built in AI predictive continuity engine to automatically convert customers from a single purchase to auto-replenishment programs. Consumer Packaged Goods companies, brands and retailers can drive high order profitability, via ongoing recurring revenue streams for all your products. Drive a greater return from your customer acquisition investments.

For customers, it means that they ‘never run out’ of their favorite products, even if they are not available in-store locally. In addition, our predictive reorder alerts are delivered automatically to your customers to replenish a product again at the right time with one click or one tap if they prefer not to join an auto-replenishment program. And, for your loyal customers, Upscale provides a variety of continuity programs including auto-replenishment, dynamic kits and boxes, and household membership boxes.

Mix & Match

For ultimate deployment flexibility

API & Microservices

Everything in the complete application is accessible via our API’s. Each API connects to a microservice – use only those microservices that you need giving you ultimate flexibility.

Need to customize or extend the application? Need to embed commerce capabilities into other applications?

This is why we built Upscale API first.

Create and deploy FAST

Drag and drop to create rich new commerce experiences and deploy immediately. Easy.

  • Build and manage beautiful native and Progressive Web Apps using a drag and drop interface
  • Point and click configuration and easy integration
  • Built in AI powered merchandising
  • Bulk  management of categories and products
  • Leverage previous seasons, category trees, and editions

Use your own Order Management

Have a need to quickly test and deploy new commerce or content experiences but no desire to rip and replace your backend right away?  We built Upscale as an “experience only builder” too where we continuously stream orders and abandoned carts to your existing Order management and CRM systems for processing.

Distributed Order Management

Our channel-less commerce also works behind the scenes with its integrated distributed order management to detect shadow demand and velocity, manage unified inventory, automatically route orders, and more.

So, if you already invested in your own branded custom app, you can just use our intelligence and distributed order management services.

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