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We are presently crowdsourcing ideas and onboarding new companies, and expect to start in 90 days with the productization. If you’re interested, reach out.



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Redefine the mobile shopping experience with new interaction models and analytical tools to identify and attribute relevant factors leading up to a sale. FashionLabs is an app prototype leveraging visual search, machine learning, and context-driven services to bring about new opportunities for engagement and selling, catering to modern consumers, marketers, and influencers.

With FashionLabs, you can:

  • Offer customers a unique user interface for searching for fashion items while on the go
  • Enable customers to recreate the looks they discover
  • Crowdsource trends and generate sets or bundles

How It Works

On a web store, the user can upload an image to trigger a visual search. Items in the image will be identified and highlighted. Clicking on these bounding boxes will trigger a visual search for similar products.

To inspire the user on product detail pages, fashion/style pictures from influencers, including similar products or cross sells, will be displayed. As these pictures are also enhanced with the visual search possibilities, an endless loop of discovery could potentially start from here.

By using this search (powered by context driven services), the system learns about the user’s preferences in terms of styles, patterns, textures, etc. will present only relevant content.

The web store functions as kind of a platform for influencers and marketeers. As search interactions on posted pictures are analyzed, influencers and marketeers will understand the performance of contributed posts, resulting purchases, demanded styles, trends, and users’ fashion interests.

Business Benefits

Fun and fast way of searching

  • No more typing – less hassle – no filters or drill downs. Simply snap and upload a picture and get matching results
  • “Short Cut” for searches (all recognized items in image are triggering different “saved” searches – switchable in just one click)

Search for discovered “street style looks”

  • No more preconfigured looks (back end), as uploaded pictures contain customer demanded looks already

WYSIWYG search

  • If I see something but don’t know how to specify the search for it, machine learning will find it for me with picture analysis

Sales and marketing Enhancements

  • Better-performing individualized campaigns, option to carefully listen to what the individual is searching for increased customer loyalty and cart value

Reduced shopping cart abandonment

  • Increased relevance of customers’ search results

Understanding the impact of influencers

  • Analyzing and tracking the performance of contributed posts from influencers and trending styles

Future option:

Creating my own upload-based style book and “what I like” collection to receive individualized offers

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For a limited time, we are selecting 10 customers to trigger a consortium-based project with the SAP Innovative Business Solutions (IBSO) group. Consider it crowdsourced go-to-market: you’ll have an exclusive opportunity to try out this new solution in exchange for your valuable feedback. Don’t miss the chance to collaborate with us!


If you have any questions about FashionLabs, get in touch with Georg Kreimer.

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