About Us

The CX Incubator is headed by the SAP Customer Experience Innovation Office. Our primary mission is to empower our clients with the ability to create the ultimate customer experience.

Featuring rapid transformation and agility across all channels, we want you to get closer to your customers by delivering a consistently great experience at every touch point in their journey.

We will build products designed to cut cost, time, and complexity, freeing you up to focus on innovation and strategy. Throughout the entire product lifecycle, from product development to market maturity, we will work closely with you, and take your feedback to heart as we hone our ideas.

The SAP CX Incubator focuses on the pre-commercialization phase of our products. Our customers will be able to try out our solutions (for free or preferential offer) before they go to market, aided by a cross-functional team of experts assembled to take your feedback and make our products work for you. With complete access to SAP Customer Experience technology and visibility of our ecosystem, the SAP CX Incubator will equip you with the tools to outdo your competitors every time.

Collaborative Innovation

Inspired by the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the Hybris founders, we wanted to incorporate a startup approach with the SAP Customer Experience Incubator.

By granting you access to the newest ideas and expertise of our teams, we want to help provide quick and meaningful value for your brand.

We believe that startup mindset and agility are crucial elements of the comprehensive business ecosystem. Extend your customer journey by incorporating the SAP Customer Experience technology platform .