SAP Customer Experience Incubator

Collaborative innovation at your fingertips

There are crucial components necessary to build a dream from the ground up. Innovation. Fearlessness. Collaboration. Vision. Our founders possessed all of these, and more. Keeping with their spirit, we are debuting an incubator program for the most important element in any business: you, our clients.

Join us as we illuminate a pathway to place you firmly ahead of your competition. Within collaborative teams that act like startups, we will explore the limitless potential of machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and more.

Engage with us on a collaborative innovation journey

Together with us, our customers will explore future technologies and products not yet on the market. In this pre-commerce moment, you will have complete access to our future portfolio of our products, as well as the access to test our solutions first in the research and development stage. Our customers on this journey will also have an interdisciplinary team that guides them through implementation and go-live, and the advantage of becoming a featured success story here on the CX Incubator site.

We believe that the key to success is profound collaboration.

Early engagement with our customers combined with the extraordinary, innovative ecosystem of SAP creates crowd-sourced wisdom. This collective intelligence is the foundation of product excellence.

An innovation ecosystem built in cooperation with: